American Legion Oratorical Scholarship Contest

  • “A Constitutional Speech Contest”
  • This is an opportunity to win big!
  • For more information see Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard or visit:

Armenian Education Center/Scholarship

Aviation Scholarships

  • If you’re considering a career in the aviation industry visit:
  • Or, see Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for details
  • Deadline is February 18th

AXA Achievement Scholarships

BBB Student Integrity Award, $1000

  • Criteria: 3.0 GPA, leadership, community service, essay
  • Application must be postmarked by February 4th
  • Visit for more information
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application

Best Buy Scholarship

  • Applicants must:
  • Have solid grades and be involved in volunteer community service or have work experience
  • Be a graduating senior
  • Plan to enroll in a full-time undergraduate course of study in the US no later than fall 2012
  • Apply at or
  • Deadline is February 15th

Blanco Foundation Scholarship

  • Must plan to pursue a career in nursing or education
  • Accepted to an accredited 2 or 4-year college
  • SAT/ACT scores required
  • GPA 3.45 or higher
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application
  • Deadline: February 1st

Bobby Scruggs Charitable Foundation Scholarship

Buick Achievers Scholarship

  • Enrolling in a 4-year college/university
  • Majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Business Administration,                                                   Finance, Marketing, or Design
  • Interested in a career in automotive or related industries
  • Apply at
  • Deadline is February 29th

Burger King Scholarship

  • GPA of 2.5 or better
  • Work part-time, averaging 15 hrs/wk or 40 wks/yr
  • Participation in community service activities
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Enrolling in a 2 or 4 year college, university, or vocational school by fall 2011
  • Can pick up applications from Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard
  • Applications due by December 10th

Carilion Scholarship

  • Entering a medical field
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Completed at least 2 Biology courses
  • Essay required
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for application
  • Application deadline: March 1st

Career Advancement Scholarships

  • There are three separate scholarships, so be sure your read each one carefully!
  • Visit or see Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for more information.
  • Deadline is April 1st

Coca-Cola Scholars

  • Application must be submitted online at
  • Applicants must show leadership, commitment to community, & academic achievement
  • Deadline: October 31st

Community Foundations Scholarship Program

  • One application – several scholarships!
  • Deadline is February 7th
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application packet.
  • Do not mail these yourself!

Delta Kappa Gamma, $400

  • Offered to a student planning on becoming a teacher
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application
  • Deadline is March 28th (to Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard)

Distinguished Young Women Scholarship

Dixie Boy’s Scholarship, $1250

  • Must have participated in Dixie Boys, Dixie Pre-Majors or Dixie Majors baseball
  • Based on financial need, not athletic ability
  • Application sent through guidance listserve
  • Deadline is April 1st

Dorothy J. Hall Scholarship, $2,500

  • For members of the Virginia Credit Union
  • Looking for scholastic achievement, community service, hours devoted to work to                                                       help with cost of education, 3.0 GPA, essay
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application or visit
  • Deadline is March 31st

Dr Frank C McCue III Scholarship

  • Must submit an essay on how sports have influenced your life and your desire to                                              pursue the fields of sports medicine or coaching as a career.
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for details and an application
  • Deadline is June 1st

Elks National Foundation Scholarship

  • 500 Four-Year Awards
  • Scholarships range from $4000 – $60,000 over four years
  • Application will be judged on: scholarship, leadership, financial need
  • Visit for more information
  • *** The closest: (540)980-3551  Pulaski Elks Lodge

ESA Youth Scholarship Program

Festival in the Park Fine Arts Scholarship

  • Planning to major in: music, dance, theatre, sculpture, painting, photography, drawing
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for more information, or visit
  • Deadline is April 4th

Fire Sprinklers Essay, up to $2000

  • Contest for seniors
  • 700-1000 word essay on the topic:
    • Write a creative, interesting and convincing essay where the character or characters can be historical or cultural, past or present, or completely fictional, that depicts the history and importance of automatic sprinklers.
    • Visit or for additional details and application.
    • Deadline is February 1st

GE-Reagan Program

  • Annually rewards up to 20 college-bound students who demonstrate exemplary                                                  leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship with $10,000 renewable scholarships
  • For more information, eligibility requirements and online application, visit
  • Deadline: March 18th

Granville P. Meade Scholarship

Harry F. Byrd Scholarship, chance at $10,000

  • Leadership award
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application
  • Application due to Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard by November 12th!

Horatio Alger Scholarship

  • High school senior who will be pursuing a bachelor degree
  • Critical financial need ($50,000 or lower for adjusted family income)
  • Involved in co-curricular activities & community service
  • Minimum GPA: 2.0
  • Deadline: October 30th
  • Visit:

Institute of International Education

International Association of Administrative Professionals, $500

  • Interested in majoring in an administrative or business related field
  • Applications may be mailed, faxed, or emailed
  • Minimum of B+ average and financial need required
  • Deadline is May 13th

International Aviation Art Contest

  • Artwork  is judged, at least in part, for its creative use of this year’s theme in relation to the aviation world.
  • Visit for details
  • Deadline is January 14th

Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship, $2500

  • Need-based (parent’s income cannot exceed $100,000)
  • GPA: 3.0 or higher
  • Community service
  • Writing skills
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application
  • Must be postmarked by March 31st

Jimmie Bryan Scholarship

  • Graduate of a Virginia High School League (VHSL) member school.
  • Will attend college in VA
  • Earned 6 varsity letters in athletics
  • Plan to teach/coach in VHSL school (no penalty if one does not)
  • Will not receive any financial assistance in college for athletic participation
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application
  • Deadline is May 15th

KFC Colonel’s Scholars, up to $20,000

  • High school senior with a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Enrolling in a public college or university in YOUR state
  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Applications available from December 1st – February 8th
  • Apply online at

Lunch Pail Defense Scholarship

  • Minimum GPA: 2.5
  • Must submit SAT/ACT scores, proof of college acceptance, 2 letters of recommendation
  • You can apply at or see Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application
  • Must be postmarked by April 1st

McComas Chapter Nursing Scholarship, $500

  • Student from Giles or Narrows High School pursuing a nursing education
  • NOT based on financial need
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application
  • Deadline is April 1st (to Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard)

Michael A Casseri Scholarship

  • Requirements: citizenship, integrity & high moral standards, financial need,                                                             current member of track & field team (or participated for at least 2 yrs), top 10% of                                              graduating class, essay
  • Application needs to include transcript, 3 letters of recommendation, letter                                                                    from coach, SAT/ACT scores
  • Must be postmarked by May 1st

Nettie Tucker Yowell Scholarship, minumum of $250 & maximum of $1000

  • Offered through the Virginia Business & Professional Women’s Foundation                                                                 to a VA high school senior who is a US citizen & has been accepted for enrollment                                                        as a freshman in a college or university located in Virginia for the fall semester,                                            following graduation in June
  • At least one scholarship is awarded annually
  • Visit:
  • Must be postmarked by April 1st

Noel C Taylor Scholar Athlete Award, $2000

  • Member of high school football team
  • Has financial need for college
  • Made significant contribution to athletics
  • Not likely to receive a full athletic scholarship
  • Senior living in the WDBJ7 viewing area
  • Suggested postmark: November 19th
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application

NRCC Foundations Scholarship

NRV Chapter of the VT Alumni Association Scholarship

  • The criteria for selecting the scholarship winner will include achievement,                                               participation in school activities, and community support
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application
  • Must be postmarked by May 6th!

NRV Homebuilders Scholarship

  • Seniors interested in home-building related career in the NRV, please apply on-line at           
  • Application will still say 2010, but you are to go ahead and apply using that application
  • Apply by April 16th

PemTel National Scholarship, $2000 + additional $500

  • Must reside in the 626/544 exchange to apply
  • Preference given to those expressing an interest to return to a rural area to work                                                 following college graduation
  • Visit or see Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application
  • Deadline: March 1st

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

Pulaski, VA Elks Lodge No. 1067

Robert C. Byrd Scholarship

  • Pick up an application from Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard
  • Application due to Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard by March 29th

Ron Brown Scholar Program, $10,000 annually for 4 years

  • seeks to identify African-American high school seniors who will make significant                                             contributions to society
  • must excel academically, exhibit exceptional leadership potential, participate in                                        community service activities and demonstrate financial need
  • Apply online at
  • Deadline: November 1st

RU Dance & Theatre Scholarships

Shelor Toyota Scholarship, $1000

  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application
  • Must be postmarked by March 15th!

Sheriff’s Institute Scholarship

  • Pursuing a career in Criminal Justice
  • Will be attending a VA college (full & part-time scholarships available)
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application or visit
  • Deadline is May 1st to Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard

Society of Women Engineers

  • Ladies interested in engineering must apply online!
  • The application for upcoming freshman opened March 1st and will close on                                                                May 16th at 5:00 PM central time.


Student of Integrity Scholarship Award, $1000

  • Criteria: 3.0 GPA, Leadership, Community Service, Essay
  • Must be postmarked by January 20th
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application

SunTrust Scholarship, $1000


  • Must be a Virginia Resident
  • Full-Time Student at a Virginia Private College
  • Student do not have to pay TAG back
  • ­Demonstrate Financial Need
  • ­File a financial statement

Tylenol Scholarship

USA Funds Scholarship, $1500

  • Scholarships go to students with economic needs, who are from an ethnic minority group or are physically disabled
  • Application accepted online from December 15th through February 15th
  • Please visit for more information and the application

VA Association of Women Judges, $500

  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application
  • 500 word essay required
  • Interviews required
  • Entry must be received by March 15th; therefore, application is due to Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard by March 8th!

VA Athletic Trainers Association Scholarship

  • You must print your  application off the website:
  • Deadline is April 4th

VA DSS Scholarship

VA Junior Miss

  • Please visit for information
  • Deadline: October 9th

VA Museum Arts

  • Undergraduate Students in the Visual Arts (including college-bound high school seniors): $4,000
  • See for eligibility guidelines, application,                                                  and a printable PDF flyer
  • Deadline: November 9th

VT Balanced Man Scholarship, $1000

  • Available to a balanced individual, planning on attending Virginia Tech
  • Deadline is September 1, 2011
  • Visit for more information.

VT CLAHS Scholarship

  • Please visit for more information
  • Application revued based on academic achievement, financial/educational need,                                          extracurricular activities, and community involvement
  • Deadline is February 1st

VT Pamplin Leader Scholarship, $1000

VT Presidential Scholarship Initiative

  • Will provide 50 qualifying students with full tuition, fees, & on-campus room & board for 4 years
  • From a modest or low-income family
  • Must qualify for the Federal Pell Grant
  • Must apply to VT before January 15th
  • Must fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1st

W.A. Wolfe Jr. & Phyllis P. Wolfe Scholarship

  • Based on scholastic achievement, college test scores, financial need, recommendations from teachers, and an interview
  • See Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for an application
  • Must be postmarked by April 27th

WACE National Co-Op Scholarship Program

Walmart Scholarships

Wendy’s High School Heisman Scholarship

  • Given to student-athletes who are hard-working, dedicated, and have become role models within the school
  • Must have a ‘B’ average or higher and participate in at least one school-sponsored sport
  • Applications are due by 5:00 pm, October 3nd
  • To apply go to

WVEMS Regional Scholarship

  • For outstanding contribution to EMS by a high school senior
  • Online applications are preferred!
  • Visit or see Mrs. Boggess/Ms. Ballard for the application
  • Deadline is May 15th


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