Bluefield College Academic Days (Open House)

On November 2nd and 9th – 12th   Bluefield State College will be hosting Academic Days (Open House) attached is a flyer about the event and is open for all prospective students.  Faculty will provide a “front row seat” to the majors in their school. Students will be able to ask questions of the experts and receive a tour of the school.  More importantly students gain knowledge of how their interests translate into a major, major translates into a degree, and degree translates into a career.


Students and parents who wish to attend must pre-register online at Students are responsible for their transportation to and from the college.


Each Academic Day begins with check-in at 9:00 AM in Dickason Hall on the Bluefield campus. Each day should conclude by Noon.


Students should register for the academic day corresponding with their major of interest. Only majors by the applicable school will be discussed and presented on that specific academic day.

For example, a student interested in Psychology or Criminal Justice would attend the School of Arts & Sciences academic day.  Nursing will not be covered on the School of Arts & Sciences day.


Bluefield State College will provide an “absence from school excuse” slip to each student in attendance as verification of attending the academic day.

Scholarship: Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship Award

Each year the Pulaski Elks organization offers this opportunity to students from our Lodge jurisdiction.  Interested students may go online and review the Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship Award.  Over the years our Lodge has had many students apply for this Elks prestigious scholarship.  Many from our community have gone on to win a state sponsored and national scholarship award.


Of recent our lodge had three state winners in the 2013 competition.  These students are and will receive financial help in their education for their 4 years of enrollment.

Please follow the link below to complete the application:  December 4 is the deadline.

Seniors: Concord University On-site Visit

Concord is visiting Giles High, October 22nd , at 1:00 PM..  All seniors who are interested in Concord University to apply online <> and please inform them Concord University does not have an application fee. So their investment in filling out the application will allow them to know what Concord can possibly offer them.


Also, let them know the admission application is used to determine merit scholarship as well.  Out-of-state students scoring an 870-950 SAT (math and critical reading combined) and overall 3.0 GPA, receive a non-renewable award up to $1,000.  Renewable awards, for out-of-state students, 960-1130 SAT (math and critical reading combined) and overall  3.0 GPA, receive up-to $2,000.   And those students scoring 1140-1600 (math and critical reading combined) and  overall 3.0 GPA, receive up to $3,000.  And, if students apply and are admitted to Concord University by the deadline of January 15, and have an 1170-1600 (math and critical reading combined) and overall 3.5 GPA are guaranteed one of our Distinction Scholarships ranging from $4,000 to full-tuition, room and board.


Concord also offers tuition reduction to all students from Giles County (Boarder County) with a 2.0 GPA overall a $4,000 reduced rate.


Concord University offers a small campus with a wide variety of academic accessibility.  Click here for a small glimpse of facts <>

NRCC Information Placement Test Information

NRCC Information

This might be helpful for students who are planning to take the NRCC placement tests. It’s a good study guide.

1. Go to
2. Under “Quick Links,” select “Placement”
3. At the bottom of the page, there are links for study guides or you can click on the links below:

Numerical Skills/Pre-Algebra/Algebra Study Guide

College Algebra/ Geometry/ Trigonometry


Writing Skills

SOL Test and Review

SOL Test Prep & Review

Here are some recommended websites for students to practice online tests:

Tests available: English Reading, English Writing, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science

Tests available: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Earth Science, Chemistry

Tests available: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry

Tests available: ALL TESTS

Tips for taking multiple choice tests
1.Read the question carefully.
2.Cover the answers, options, read the question, and try to answer. Select the option that most closely matches your answer.
3.Narrow your choices down by eliminating obviously wrong answers which are almost identical.
4.Be sure to read all answers before selecting one. Sometimes two answers will be similar and only one will be correct.
5.Do not be afraid to change an answer if you feel strongly about it.
6.Do not be discouraged if you cannot answer a question. Leave it and go on. You may find the answer or clues to the answer in subsequent questions.
7.Beware of questions with “no”, “not”, and “none.” These words easily change the meaning of questions.
8.Eliminate answer choices you know to be incorrect.
9.Beware of answer choices that grammatically don’t fit with the question.

10. Beware of answer choices that are totally unfamiliar to you .

11. Beware of answer choices that contain negative or absolute words. Try substituting a qualified term for the absolute one, like frequently for always; or typical for every to see if you can eliminate it .

12. “All of the above:” If you know two of three options seem correct, “all of the above” is a strong possibility.

13. If two answers seem correct, compare them for differences, then refer to the question to find your best answer.

Keeping Spartans Informed

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