Senior GPAs

It is unclear as to why seniors are saying their GPA’s have been miscalculated.  Senior GPA’s were projected based on grades we had at the end of the 5th six weeks. We used those projections to assist with scholarship applications.  When final grades are in by June 6th, calculations will be redone and we will give seniors their final grades then.
We will not be hand calculating GPA’s for every student before then.
Thank you

Giles County Farm Bureau Scholarship

Giles County Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors would like to announce they are offering a scholarship in the amount of $400 to a graduating senior. Candidates for this scholarship must intend to earn a degree or obtain an 18 month certificate in agriculture or natural resources, or a college student that is already pursuing the aforementioned degree or certificate.


Our County Farm Bureau Directors requests that the attached application and required documents be received in the county office by April 30, 2017.



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